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Every day still millions of children are verbally and psychologically mistreated, as has been going on for centuries. Yes, the  most widely recognized forms of abuse are physical and sexual, however at the core of all abuse is emotional abuse.

When adults do not heal their own wounds a vicious circle takes place. Traumatic experiences of past generations can still reverberate to future generations. The attacks on a child’s emotional well-being and sense of self-worth are often done unconsciously. The power, impact, and consequences of the use of words has been highly under-estimated. Though, not everybody realizes that. Fear for “what if…” blocks the empathic and compassionate development and much more.

We could simply realize that many are not really happy with them selves or in their relationships.

Self-love, as the basis of the ability to love others, is often very hurt or even absent. In my practice I frequently face that the root cause of many issues is based on a lack of experiencing to be appreciated and accepted for who they really are. This appreciation is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our children. 

We have disconnected so completely that we willingly engage in the dysfunction, yet we seem not to know how to make the changes.

It is time to recognize that our own words and actions can be the cause of an ever-eroding respect for life. respect coming from our hearts which is not the same as superficial politeness. Our words and actions are expressions from our beliefs and thought patterns, often simply inherited.

The “Do this and you’ll get that” culture, which promises either punishment or reward, inhibits independent thinking, destroys creativity, alienates people and is a fear-based system that has many detrimental side-effects.

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