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Dear Parents,

I bet that you are a devoted parent who loves your child more than anything. YBeFunky_Teen-boy-hug-momou’re trying your best but parenting is not an easy job.  You wish they came with a training manual but they didn’t so it’s on the job training for you. You can only raise your child once. As a parent of three children myself, I understand the challenges of being a parent.

Current research studies show that there has been a huge decline in creativity among children because they are playing less and using technology more. Communication is often lacking real connection, there is too much stress in daily situations, and fear for “What if…” is a leading thought. parents try to control as much as they can and face often not the results they desire.

I am seemingly one of the very few parents that enjoyed every age of my children, and certainly the teenage years! As a single mom! Was it always easy? Certainly not! But we went through so much that it is amazing that no one is on drugs, medication or feels lost. The freedom of being, thinking and acting I have granted my children turned them in enthusiastic responsible adults, who are actively working on creating their envisioned future. I love to share with you my “secrets” and I’ll discuss  parenting  challenges that may be affecting your family as well.

> Are you feeling worn out because of daily power struggles with your child? (There are different ways)

> Are you not sure of how to “discipline” because nothing is working effectively? (I can tell you why not)

> Is punishing and rewarding not working? (And you don’t feel good about it either?)

> Are you searching for new ideas, answers and solutions on how to parent with inspiration? (Give it a chance)

> Do you want to talk to your CHILD or TEEN and really be heard? (Yes dat IS possible!)

> Or do you just want to be the best parent you can be, knowing that it’s a job you can only do once?

I am delighted to share with you that I am starting again a series of 4 Mini Parenting Workshops called Happy Parents, Happy Home™ in the Red Tent, Boca Raton.

I will teach my best kept secrets on positive, heartbased parenting skills.

If you are curious about your child’s development or behavior or simply searching for fresh ideas and solutions rather than antiquated advice, then you’re in the right place!

Join our inspiring classes: Happy Parents, Happy Home! for parents of children up to 16 years old.


Be a Happy Parent: Your Children will be Successful in Life.


Here’s a look at some of the things you’ll learn

  The 7 Daily Essentials for a Happy Family happy fam 3

  Crystal Clear Communication (NVC)

  Methods for resolving conflicts peacefully

  Techniques for releasing negative patterns

❥  Alternatives for ‘Punishments & Rewards’

  A system for promoting responsible and reliable behavior

  Ways to develop mutual respect, compassion and co-operation 

Sessions provide communication tools, role-play, Q&A’s, understanding your child’s temperament,  respect,  frustration, gratitude, chores and more.

Don’t live in S Florida? Look at our online programs!

“Carla is a wonderfully bright and shining gem in my life.  With her guidance I have reacquainted myself with a life filled with love, laughter and joy.  She holds vast clinical, scientific and spiritual knowledge which she lovingly shares to heal and transform those willing to listen and learn.  She is authentic and articulate; a real treasure to anyone looking for personal transformation.

Many of you have heard me speak of Carla Van Walsum’s workshops and how wonderful I think she is.  I met Carla via her “Happy Children, Happy Home! tm” workshops.  I really believe in the work that she’s doing. She certainly helped me and my family discover (or re-discover) how to live with more love, laughter and happiness.  I can say, though, that in working with Carla, life is much more pleasant and less stressful for us now than before…”  ~Katie Starkey, Ft Lauderdale


“We really appreciate all your guidance and everything we learned from you, in private sessions and during the Happy Children, Happy Home! workshops. You made it really easy for us.  And I could say you changed the way I see life now.  Thank you so much!” ~Venecia Alb, MA Psych.


Say goodbye to arguing, stress and conflict and restore peace, harmony and sanity into your home!

For more information about locations: info@carlavanwalsum.com


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