Very sensitive?


Lacking passion for his future?

Feeling lost?


Or is your teen aggressive, cutting him/herself, anorexic or using drugs?

MINDSET: Much of the work I do is providing tools for empowerment and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Here’s and example:

“I just wanted to thank you for teaching me about the Circle of Excellence, and I ended up using it during the Key Club election and was re-elected President for next year! I repeated the 3 attributes we talked about (Self-Confidence, Trust, and Joy for the Job) I would feel nervous and, even though I didn’t have the actual cards when I went to school, I envisioned them lying on the floor around me when I delivered my speech. I didn’t feel any self-doubt while I was up there, and I didn’t even think about the other candidate because of what you told me – that I’ll do my best and whatever happens, happens and it’s alright.That experience made me realize that the Circle of Excellence can be used for many other aspects of my life, for feeling confident about myself even when there is opposition or obstacles.Thank you for helping me obtain the self-confidence I needed to be successful in delivering my speech!”

 A 17 year old High School Student

SUBCONSCIOUS: After searching for answers in the mental and environmental directions and when no valid explanations are found, I suggest turning to energy psychology. Energy psychology has tools to look into deeper layers of the psyche and subconscious. Often very unexpected answers are found and the perceived problems, issues and attitude can shift.

Examples of cases:

A 17 year old boy dropped out of school, slept all day long, and suffered from dark moods and depression. There was a link found to the trauma of his grandfather who many years ago returned from the military and became a severe angry and depressed person. The boy was carrying this burden in his grandfathers place, long after he had died. When the connection became clear, resolutions could be implemented. Today this boy is back on his feet, opened a successful business after working with energy psychology and those negative signs of depression have entirely disappeared.

Sarah, the eldest of four sisters, at the age of 18 suddenly becomes severely depressed. After a few years she decided to leave the USA and moved to Israel. She married an Israeli man and had a son. However, when the boy was 6 years old, she committed suicide. All four of her grandparents were Holocaust survivors. After her death, one of her sisters showed signs of the same pattern. A constellation session revealed that Sarah was connected to the fate of her grandmothers sisters. One of the sisters was 18 when she was murdered, the same age as the depression started with Sarah. There was a deep family loyalty of “You were not allowed to live, I follow your fate.”

The four grandparents had lost a total of 213 people in the holocaust. The effects of murdering entire families with barely any survivors puts a burden on the offspring. Depression, suicide and unexplained issues often prevail.

Mark Wolynn, psychotherapist and family constellations facilitator states so beautifully “Many of us walk around with trauma symptoms we can’t explain. Whether sudden onset or chronic, we have anxieties, depressions or obsessive thoughts we’ve never gotten to the bottom of. We never think to connect our personal issue to what’s happened to our parents or grandparents. We’re now learning that traumas experienced by previous generations can be biologically inherited and I think that’s surprising for many people.

It’s typically traumas that have been ignored or have never been resolved that create problems. The ones no one talks about. The good news is that once we make these links, we can then break the cycle. The bad news is, if we don’t make the links, we move forward with something we never quite get to the source of.”

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