A few years ago I started my 6 week live program “Happy Children, Happy Home!” Parenting classes, and seven MOMS and one DAD signed up.

When I opened the second round of these workshops, seven DADS and one MOM showed up. To my surprise, they all were the partners of the parents of the previous group!

What happened? They said that since their spouse was taking the workshops with me, there was much more harmony in the house (less fighting) and in their relationship so they wanted to learn the same processes. I loved that!

The main communication tools I use are called Crystal Clear Communication©, which is partially based on the NonViolent Communication of Marshall Rosenberg. I became a trainer in NVC in 1998, right after I learned about his work. In the meantime, I have expanded the model and call it all together: Crystal Clear Communication. One of my clients called it ‘a life saver of relationships.’

  • What are core benefits?
  • ·         Peaceful conflict resolution
  • ·         Heartbased respect instead of being critical
  • ·         Avoiding power struggles with teens and children
  • ·         Becoming more aware of your own feelings and needs
  • ·         Speaking your truth fearlessly while being heard
  • ·         Connection instead of alienation, parents-teens
  • ·         Effective communication

Today, you can choose to learn to communicate differently. At home, on the work floor, or in your intimate relationships.  

The bad news is, you need to really practice this C. C. Communication model because only reading about it and talking about it is not enough. It is just not easy to reframe your automatic communication responses!

The good news is, that you can learn and practice the skills, online, at the comfort of your home with a lovely small group of like-minded people who are eager to have more harmony in their lives. Roleplay!

What do the classes offer?

Small group sessions, interaction with learning material, role play, Q&A’s, daily personal communication experiences reviewed and connecting with likeminded participants.

Meetings are twice a month, video recorded, via ZOOM. Maximum group size is 6 people.

Group 1: Monday’s 10-11:30 am or Group 2: Mondays 7-8:30 pm.

You are welcome to join us!

More info needed? Please contact me!

Read more about my great experiences with this communication: https://www.heartbasedmindfulparenting.com/my-story/