Epigenetics & Constellations

Epigenetics & Constellations
Clearing our own past, our inherited patterns and freeing us from limitations occurring before us, is a huge step to personal success, well-being and happiness.

  •  One of my clients has taken my “Commitment to Change” package and cleared out many entanglements over several generations, which were negatively affecting her for the past 15 years. Her energy has totally shifted and her business is sky rocketing today.
  • Yesterday, I taught a class at Palm Beach State College about epigenetics/family constellations. We had set up American  groups representing the election, motives, greed, honesty and more. What insights, hidden dynamics and intentions surfaced! We ended with a small mediation for the country, the earth, a fair place for Native Americans, trust in the new changes to come and a renewed focus on gratitude. 
Thanks giving is coming washing all negativity away. 
So many of you asked when my next Constellation workshop is:
Read more about our upcoming workshop
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