Why support?

Like you, my clients come from all over the world.

Family relationships can be so complicated. With all the love you have for your children, creating the family life you want can still be very difficult.

You desire that deep heartfelt, respectful connection with your children. You would love to be with your parenting mate in understanding  while you validate each others’ differences. 

You dream to be a more peaceful, less overwhelmed parent and get your kids to listen.

However, we are all bringing in our own stuff, tied to our family’s conscious and subconscious belief-systems.  It is very important to have a clear understanding about how that affects each of us. That, combined with the stress we all experience in today’s life, can make parenting very difficult.

And, if you choose to parent differently than your own parents, than you’ll need inspiration and support!

This is the missing link for most people. And this is where I come in.

All you need is the right support! My packages combine personalized sessions, working with inherited family traumas,  home-study programs and an exclusive in-depth Diamond program with a VIParent Day, for quick and lasting results.

Moving from The Netherlands to Florida with 3 young kids, loosing almost everything, becoming a single mom and still I was a happy mom who enjoyed my 3 teens tremendously. (None of them got in any troubles and they are very successful today.)  Respectful connection was the key. Was I lucky? No. My method works.

Spend some time every day with our personalized programs: an awesome opportunity that you can take up to change anything you wish about your life.  

I’ll give you the tools and together we make the changes.

Not sure what to choose? Book a FREE 20 Minute Phone Consultation.


In Person (Boca Raton – Aventura – Miami) or Internet – Zoom – Skype – Phone.


Short term coaching. 3 Sessions of 60 minutes. To use for quick resolutions.

Email contact between the sessions.

Parents-Children-Teens-Family $327 (Saving $30)




Teens/Parents/Family sessions. 

Email contact and check ins between the sessions.

6 sessions of 60 minutes $597   (Saving $120)




Transform your family life,  master the most harmonious  family-relationships.

Create life long lasting changes and turn them into happiness, just in 40 days.

It takes 40 days for the central nervous system to implement changes.

Email contact and supporting check-ins between the sessions.

Customized 6 Weekly Sessions of 90 minutes and  home-study program:  $997



In-depth transformation, customized for you.

We go to deeper layers and heal your childhood wounds, release hidden loyalties and the blocks. Exclusive package.

Daily home-study program to make changes quickly and intensively. Includes one  V.I.P.arent Day  ($997)

Customized and personalized in any desired area. Email contact and supporting check ins are included.

13 Sessions of 90 minutes, 3 months package + 1 VIParent Day

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