Leila tells us how Carla helped with her family

Ali tells us how Carla helped her with her two teenage daughters

Carla has excellent training and ideas that really work

“Carla Van Walsum has worked with parents at our private school and has shared powerful mind shift and communication strategies to help parents reduce power struggles with their children and create more family harmony. I highly recommend her method of intervention with families. She has excellent training and ideas that really work for kids.”

Dr. Alina Yurkovsky, PsyD, St Andrews School, Boca Raton


We saved thousands of dollars by working with Carla

“Carla’s one-on-one support has been extraordinary. As a new parent, I felt conflicted about returning to full-time work. After months of gradual transition into a wonderful day care, my toddler got to the point of dismissal for biting behaviors. My husband was deeply frustrated with many aspects of our home life. Carla has the tools and wisdom to rapidly transform family situations. Her program is saving us thousands of dollars in lost wages and changes in child care. I highly recommend her private sessions for families.”

Parent, Boynton Beach, Fl



I just want to express how amazed I am at the work you do and how it all works. My son Zak who is 9 has been out of control at school, at aftercare and at home with all the symptoms of ADHD. He expressed some dark thoughts and I was really concerned that he was going to suffer and destroy his life like his father but before putting him on medication, we gave your work a try.

After this group session, Zak has been back to his own self again, happy, funny and loving. I receive great notes from his teachers and I can finally relax.  It became so clear that the patterns of his father and grandfather were at play and the cycle could be broken and it can be that simple.  Zachary took this work seriously and naturally. Kids understand soul love, forgiveness and energy. My son is very thankful to you too.”

Edie M., LMT, Boca Raton


Her work is a true blessing!
For those of you looking for a new way to approach family issues that may span generations…Carla is a fantastic, compassionate practitioner and expert in Systemic Family Constellations, a powerful therapeutic method. She is also an expert in compassionate communication and parenting techniques. I have personally witnessed the results of her work many times among client referrals and workshop participants. Most recently, we co-designed and co-facilitated a fertility workshop focused on removing body and mind-based blocks. Her work is a true blessing!
Lia Schultz, College Counselor, UniversitySuccess.us


  “I was first introduced to Carla when a friend told me I should go to one of her Systemic Family Work  workshops.  The first workshop I attended moved me very much.  The group of people involved were strangers at the beginning and by the end we had laughed and cried (and everything in between!) together.  The workshop was amazing and clearly healing for all who were present.  Since then I have attended many of Carla’s workshops.  I find her work very enlightening, non-biased and incredibly helpful.  With the constellations, you see the dynamics at play in a situation very very clearly.  Its hard to describe this work, you really just have to go to a workshop to see for yourself! 

Carla herself is one of the most vibrant, dynamic, positive people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  To me she is a teacher, a colleague, and a friend.  She is always an uplifting and inspiring presence.  Her work reflects both her ability to go very deep with people and her incredible compassion.  This is someone doing healing work who is totally heart-centered.  Carla is very willing to speak the truth but always seems to do so with love and kindness. 

The best word I can think of to describe Carla’s work is “empowering”.  Her work helps you to see your life and your circumstances clearly and then gives you the tools to change for the better.  For anyone looking for emotional support, help moving through difficult transitions in life, clarity on your circumstances, the power to CHANGE, and so much more, in Carla you will find a great cheerleader.  This is someone who can help you to transforming your life and make it what you desire and truly deserve.” 

 Katie Fly, 5 Elements Acupuncturist, Florida


My daughter has a lot of problems with social anxiety. She has a really hard time talking to most people, especially in school. We have started therapy with Carla a few weeks ago. Carla uses a very balanced approach, where she focuses on underlying emotions and behavior at the same time. The therapists we’ve tried in the past seemed to exclusively do either one or the other. Moreover she uses art therapy to help my daughter open up. What I like very much and seems to be especially helpful is that Carla looks at the bigger picture in terms of family dynamics and past trauma, which can even include past generations. After only a few sessions I can see a difference in my daughter. She still needs more work but she has definitely started talking more to other kids and is now often able to give short answers even to stranger’s questions, which has always been very difficult for her.

S.H., Lake Worth FL



“As a parent, I know that we’ll always meet with challenges while raising our children. It’s the most difficult job in the world. Unfortunately, parents were not given a manual and children don’t come with one. Therefore, it’s on the job training and learning as we go. At times, we just don’t know how to handle certain situations (especially dealing with teenagers) and we need guidance and support from an expert. That’s where Carla was a huge help to me.
She has a very diverse background of studies that provides her with many tools in her toolbox. Carla is highly skilled at seeing the bigger picture and uses a holistic approach when it comes to solutions in order to create family harmony. She provided me with unending support, strategies and solutions while I was going through a challenging time of feeling unsure about how to handle a tough family situation.

I HIGHLY recommend hiring Carla if you’re a parent and need expert advice on challenges with your family, guidance on how to be a better parent, want to learn how to improve communication within the family, heighten your relationship with your partner, learn how to deal with a difficult child or any family matter whatsoever!

Carla is a great listener and very warm and compassionate. She’ll teach you how to create more loving relationships with your children, your spouse or partner and less conflict so that you have more peace, joy and happiness in your home and your life!!

Sheree Diamond, Digital Marketing Coordinator 



“As a retired dr., I was ecstatic to have an instantaneous healing during just 1 constellation workshop…Traditional talk therapy would never have healed my deep wounds as an adoptee… and the effects of the Holocaust….

Carla is a genius as a metaphysical psychotherapist…I can honestly say that her work is very effective and really works…thank you Carla…..”

Ilene S, Boynton Beach


“Carla is a warm, sensitive & caring professional who offers a unique way of helping people to accept  themselves for who they are and also to learn how to make changes in their lives in order to live more peacefully.  I feel privileged and honored to have the opportunity to know Carla. She has given me and my child specific tools  to change our perspectives on what we perceived as stressful thoughts and feelings and to move forward emotionally & spiritually. Thank you Carla, you are a gem!!!” 

A. B. Boca Raton



“I just wanted to thank you for teaching me about the Circle of Excellence, and I ended up using it during the Key Club election and was re-elected President for next year! I repeated the 3 attributes we talked about (Self-Confidence, Trust, and Joy for the Job) I would feel nervous and, even though I didn’t have the actual cards when I went to school, I envisioned them lying on the floor around me when I delivered my speech. I didn’t feel any self-doubt while I was up there, and I didn’t even think about the other candidate because of what you told me – that I’ll do my best and whatever happens, happens and it’s alright. That experience made me realize that the Circle of Excellence can be used for many other aspects of my life, for feeling confident about myself even when there is opposition or obstacles. Thank you for helping me obtain the self-confidence I needed to be successful in delivering my speech!”

A 17 year old High School Student


Dori“I have known Carla Van Walsum for a few years now. . I could see that she was a good person, she had good energy and she was so positive and I could see she was doing good work. Last year she had a positive self esteem art class that she taught and I had my 15 year old daughter and my 14 year old niece attend. They both LOVED it and found that what Carla taught was very effective and helped them both so much in so many ways..even transcending self esteem issues, which was a bonus.

Now, my daughter and I see Carla for therapy as well. My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Anxiety, Depression and a tactile processing sensory issue and later possibility of Autism when she was eight. When she was born she had to be resuscitated and she may have suffered brain damage, which is why her brain processes things differently than most. I have never had her on medications, instead I focus on alternative therapies. My daughter has been in therapy since she was eight years old. She has only ever had two therapists since that time. Now, we are only seeing Carla. In all the time she saw the other two therapists,

Carla has had more breakthroughs with Sara in only 5 sessions than anyone else we have ever experienced. It is so amazing to see my daughter smiling, laughing and happy all the time. She is getting along with her peers at school. She has a boyfriend and they have a very healthy relationship. Carla is also making breakthroughs in the way that Sara and I handle our relationship as well and we are learning to communicate to each other more effectively.  Carla recently did a constellation on my 15 year old niece and she has been having some breakthroughs as well and my daughter and I both witnessed the constellation and found it so amazing  and therapeutic to experience and it was a very healing experience. Additionally, my daughters school is considering bringing Carla in to the school to do a seminar for the parents and the kids at the school so they can benefit from her talents as well. All in all, I HIGHLY recommend that if you are experiencing any issues in your life that are hard to handle, it is my experience to tell you that I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that Carla can help you solve them and live in peace. It is nice living in peace. Carla is a gift to this world.”

Sincerely, Dori Mirkow, Pompano Beach



Working with Carla on a spiritual level in dealing with the divorce worked so much better for me.

“I came to Carla looking for a different method in dealing with my divorce. I didn’t want to concentrate on the past, or continue the blame game that I felt was happening with the other psychologists I had tried talking to. I just wanted tools I could use to simply move forward in my life. As soon as I had spoken to her on the phone, I knew that she would be different.

Carla is always positive and kept me positive throughout the entire process–which is the key to getting through the divorce without too much difficulty. She constantly reminded me how to stay in the light even when I felt so much anger or fear. She never dismissed my feelings, yet guided me back to a positive place by actually giving me the tools I needed to deal with specific situations. We worked extensively on recognizing what exact feelings I had, and working back toward positive feelings and also a lot of work with the Law of Attraction. She reminds me to be mindful and be aware of my thoughts. To keep myself focused on the positive. And since it is not necessarily the easiest task to undertake, especially in a divorce, she was always patient. It seemed at times to be going two steps ahead, and one step back, but she never wavered in having understanding and patience. But eventually, having a constant reminder that things were indeed “working for my highest good”, I started to know how to move in the right direction and not allow the fear or anger to take over.

This was particularly instrumental in helping me cope with the emotional roller coaster I was on due to the drama of the divorce. I kept myself aware of my feelings and learned to set myself up in a higher place before dealing with my ex-husband. Learning to not align myself with him, was also clearly an effective method in not getting sucked into arguments, or other bad encounters with him.

Additionally, I must add: Carla has amazing intuition. In all honesty, there were moments of deep despair. Moments I felt so bad, wondering how this could be happening. But Carla would call! She would call me at those precise moments!! Its as if she knew I had no one else to talk to or who understood. It was amazing to me and uplifting to have an angelic friend who cared at that exact moment. It was purely amazing to me that this would happen, many times, too.

My experience in working with Carla on a spiritual level in dealing with the divorce worked so much better for me in the long run because I came out of the process, more grounded, less emotionally raw than I believe I would have, if I followed a different path.

Stacey D. Boca Raton

“We really appreciate all your guidance and everything we learned from you. You made it really easy for my family.  And I could say you changed the way I see life now.  Thank you so much!”

Venecia Alb, M.A. Psych

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