Changing the way you speak changes everything!

Help! You want to have a great time with your teens, and NO fighting and arguments ALL THE TIME!Adolescence is a period of life when teens pull away from their parents and develop their own identities. They are influenced by their family background, alliance with peers and the larger culture within which they live.

Sometimes, those multiple forces come into conflict and parents need some help with crafting constructive responses and carefully chosen words, so that they can preserve and strengthen their relationship with their teens, rather than unwittingly damage it during this period of growth and change.

The traditional, top-down parenting advice does not support the needs of the whole family. It offers temporary, short-term, punitive solutions which teaches children and teens to fear making mistakes. The home is where children develop a sense of security, and the social-emotional skills they need to live independent, productive, and emotionally-fulfilling lives. Power struggles, yelling and fighting occur too often and seem to alienate you from each other.

You’ll learn exactly why you’re stuck in unconscious patterns of negativity, blame, judgment, and stress – despite your deep desire to parent differently and connect with your kids/teens in ways that you may never have experienced with your own parents.

Giving children a solid foundation which prepares them for the “real world” rests upon your ability to connect with their emotions and accept their maturity AND immaturity.

In this 4 week course you will: 

    • Learn a five-step program for resolving conflicts without threats, punitive consequences or bribes.
    • Master a language to transform blame and judgment into words that connect.
    • Learn peaceful conflict resolution using cooperative problem-solving.
    • Investigate your past experiences and reflect on how they have shaped your present-day perspective and parenting techniques.
    • Understand how unconscious beliefs are sabotaging your peace and your well-meaning efforts to raise competent, thoughtful, self-regulated children and teens.
    • Get tools for how to avoid and end power struggles effectively.
  • Create Emotional Intelligent Discipline and Conscious, Heart-Based Respect.

+ BONUS: The 7 Essentials for a Happy Family!

Here is an example of sentences that connect or dis-connect us from each other:

       BUTTON teen

            Do you want an authentic connection with your child/teen? 

    • If you take away the phone as punishment for “Dis-Respectful” behavior, you will get polite behavior in order to get back the phone. That is not the same as authentic respect. The internal underlying cause for the behavior has not been touched, seen or resolved. The confirmation is: “Behave like this and you will get that.”
    • If you punish your child/teen for not achieving the grade you desire, all you create is anger, resentment and an aversion to learning or going to school.
    • The drive to learn is natural and it is destroyed by comparisons and the punishment/reward system. The reward on itself is getting an A. There does not need to be a material reward for it. The material reward takes away from the joy that is intrinsic to the natural outcome of hard work. It makes dependent on approval. It inhibits creative and independent thinking.

When you let go of critical judgment, you can let go of anger.

Making the choice to be emotionally responsive and manage your ANGER before interacting with your child(ren) may not be the choice that feels easy or peaceful, but it is what MUST be done if you want your children to mature OUT of reactiona

ry behavior.

To ponder about:

    • Parenting is about self-reflection. 
    • Do not take it personally.
    • Raising your child, you can only do it once.
  • You can never control anybody without their compliance.