Carla Van Walsum PhD is an international speaker, therapist, facilitator and mentor who has been passionately exploring the deeper truths of life, love and relationships for more than 25 years.

Her clients include leaders, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms, college students, engineers, healers, doctors, artists, CEOs, and more from all over the world.

These women and men don’t just want to do more. They want to be more. They want to make a change in the world.

She is the creator of Happy Children, Happy Home, Awaken to Your Happiest Life!, Epigenetics – What did you inherit?, Success Acceleration and Feminine Soul Expansion. 

As an inspirational speaker and workshop facilitator, Carla presents eloquent, thought-provoking and interactive talks that address the challenges that life and relationships offer us. Carla’s clinical psychology education in combination with eastern and metaphysical approaches makes her a unique presenter.

Having taught as a guest lecturer at universities, at conferences and organizations in Europe and in the USA, she is eager to share and motivate others to enhance their quality of life and fulfilling relationships.

The key to a happy family life is found in respectful, authentic communication and a truthful, compassionate connection. Family relationships have repetitive patterns and Carla guides her clients to discover and learn entirely new ways of creating the family life they desire.

Here are a few of her speaking topics:

  • Reduce Power struggles with Teens.
  • Happy Children, Happy Home!
  • NVC/Crystal Clear Communication: peaceful conflict resolutions. 
  • Color-Psychology Tools for Well being.
  • Epigenetics: Hidden generational patterns can keep you and your family stuck.
  • Heart-based Respect & Compassionate Family Strategies.

arla has excellent training and ideas that really work

“Carla Van Walsum has worked with parents at our private school and has shared powerful mind shift and communication strategies to help parents reduce power struggles with their children and create more family harmony. I highly recommend her method of intervention with families. She has excellent training and ideas that really work for kids.”

Dr. Alina Yurkovsky, PsyD, St Andrews School, Boca Raton

I HIGHLY recommend hiring Carla if you’re a parent

As a parent, I know that we’ll always meet with challenges while raising our children. It’s the most difficult job in the world. Unfortunately, parents were not given a manual and children don’t come with one. Therefore, it’s on the job training and learning as we go. At times, we just don’t know how to handle certain situations (especially dealing with teenagers) and we need guidance and support from an expert. That’s where Carla was a huge help to me.

She has a very diverse background of studies that provides her with many tools in her toolbox. Carla is highly skilled at seeing the bigger picture and uses a holistic approach when it comes to solutions in order to create family harmony. She provided me with unending support, strategies and solutions while I was going through a challenging time of feeling unsure about how to handle a tough family situation.

I HIGHLY recommend hiring Carla if you’re a parent and need expert advice on challenges with your family, guidance on how to be a better parent, want to learn how to improve communication within the family, heighten your relationship with your partner, learn how to deal with a difficult child or any family matter whatsoever!

Carla is a great listener and very warm and compassionate. She’ll teach you how to create more loving relationships with your children, your spouse or partner and less conflict so that you have more peace, joy and happiness in your home and your life!!

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