The art of communication

Do you enjoy watching or listening to  sharp, inspirational and intelligent debates? I do. It’s an art if it includes maintaining respect for each other. Unfortunately, when the element of competition joins the performance, lower vibrations arise. Attacking, judging, cursing, become intruding tools. Lately, the political debates and news reports have repeatedly shown how easily lack a of respect surfaces, and how easily many people have made all kind of judgments.

We know a lot, but there’s a lot we do NOT know.
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 In the world of self-development it is crucial to become aware of criticism, judgments and presumptions in order to create fulfilling relationships and happy children. Cursing at each other and criticizing frequently tends to kill love and self-esteem. 
If we bring elements of comparison and competition in a relationship or friendship and think or say: “I’m better than you. My family is better than you. My ideas are better than yours.” , that kills love and relationships.
This kind of attitude doesn’t contribute to positive growth or sustenance in relationships. In a political debate it’s not about friendship it’s about clarifying ones intentions, thoughts and opinions. Wouldn’t it be nice if that could be done based on respect instead of “I’m trying to get you, you liar” and “I must win this!”? There has to be better ways to promote a candidate. Why not have an in-depth interview with candidates one by one? 
Nevertheless, as individuals we can do our work to create more harmony, better relationships and more clarity and success in this world. Micro cosmos impacts macro cosmos. Changes are good and necessary. Fear is not doing anything constructive.


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