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You arrived at the 7 steps journey to transform and heal your past. Join me to create wonderful relationships!

If you are already a parent,  you want to be the best, loving and joyful parent of your dreams!

Are you open to the opportunity of a radical and powerful transformation? By reading this today you are, hopefully, ready to choose love over pain. I applaud you for that!

My heart cries for the pain that is being caused to children all over the planet. Children are loved by parents, but the love is often very distorted. Unhealed pain and trauma, transmitted through generations, act like negative energy, and when not healed can continue to influence.

You might be one of those who suffered tremendously from their wounded parents; parents who didn’t have the tools to heal themselves from what had been done to them. .

But I invite you to  shift from where you are now. There is a HUGE challenge in transforming pain into love and wisdom. You can choose to connect to your inner power and make conscious choices: You are so lucky that you can choose this today. You can choose to NOT succumb to the feelings of being a victim. Yes, you certainly can. 

The past is over and should not equal your future. Never before has being HAPPY gotten so much attention; it is a CHOICE. And we can choose.

You might be in a committed relationship, facing obstacles you don’t know how to overcome. Or you may be on your own and want to create a deeply fulfilling, warm and compassionate family life.

You want to be the happiest person or parent on earth. You want to be living from a place of love- fearless and happy.

You feel like your abusive childhood trauma has ruined you and made you incapable of ever trusting in love again.

You have learned so much, worked so hard, and you are successful in many areas of your life. You have done a lot of therapy and still are not finding the peace you yearn for. Yet, deep down your heart’s most burning desire is in having a loving, joyful family. You doubt whether that is something you can handle. 

Or, you actually want to be that parent you didn’t have for yourself.

Wouldn’t it be great to feel safe in love and in intimacy, so you can live and express your true feminine or masculine nature. You want to be YOU, and unconditionally loved.

So,.. in order to get there, you need  to release your childhood trauma, not just from your own system but from your entire female lineage so your children can be free.  That burden is embedded within your nervous system, or subconscious. And I use a method to shift that burden.

What you MUST understand is that your trauma must first be healed in order to manifest your desires. Not knowing this process and carrying it through could cost you many more years in therapy, without seeing any real change.

I offer you a simple method that will help you regain control over your emotions (rather than your emotions controlling you) to a place where YOU are free to express all of who you truly are, fearlessly and joyously.

In addition to that, you’ll learn an incredible effective communication system, Crystal Clear Communication; what to say and what not to say in order to create healthy, happy and loving relationships. 

Call me to talk about what I can do for you! 561-860-4883 

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